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Arena MK has just unveiled its latest development in internet technology: improving connectivity with truly dedicated, uncontended internet services – and plans for Supercharged Wi-Fi.

The team at Arena MK recognised the difficulty that many arenas have in catering for the internet demands of large conferences and exhibitions. The events industry is increasingly reliant on the next state-of-the-art high-tech facilities to create experiences which are as innovative as the companies they celebrate.

Head of IT at Arena MK, Warren Headley-Blythe believes "Many of our clients are high-end firms with vast, technologically dependent events. These events can require a substantial amount of internet data to digitally connect guests and truly immerse them in the experience".

Seamlessly connecting thousands of guests to high-speed, high-performance internet might seem like a straightforward task from an outside perspective, but just think about those frustrating instances when you’re at home trying to complete that important report for its already too-slim deadline, while the rest of the family are streaming YouTube videos, downloading music, playing online games, and more! Sharing bandwidth between 5 people is a struggle enough – now consider the difficulty in providing a faultless hardwired service to up to 1,000 times this many guests.

And who hasn’t been irritated by the internet when trying to access your OneNote for that ultra-important annual conference, or monthly meeting?


The IT team at Arena MK have installed a dedicated 100 MB data line into the 3420m2 venue itself. This means that our clients have a fantastic internet supply for the sole use of their event. Arena MK now offers three affordable uncontended hardwired data platforms (1 MB, 5 MB, and 10MB).

Another forthcoming investment will advance this line further to a groundbreaking 1 GB line! The Stadium MK site will benefit from two 1 GB lines, with one entirely dedicated to Arena MK and its events. Moreover, it has been confirmed that no other stadium can match this service at present.

Never miss a chance to extend the promotional capabilities of your event. Arena MK also benefits from 6 TV screens over its 2 balconies. With their convenient hardwired internet points, these screens are perfect for digital displays during a balcony networking session. This opportunity can even be augmented with the balcony bars on each level.

The IT team are constantly looking to improve the technological possibilities at Arena MK. "We already offer 2 MB synchronous complimentary Wi-Fi to our clients, taking up to 500 devices, with optional Wi-Fi add-on packages up to 10 MB. Recently, we have made a significant investment in our Wi-Fi capabilities, allowing us to take up to 3,000 mobile devices on the wireless network. We expect to have this installed over the next 6 weeks” – Warren Headley-Blythe.

Arena MK will boast 802.11AC supercharged Wi-Fi. Businesses can take live, high-speed bookings mid-event, and make your latest app or program available to 1,500 people. One example of utilising our high speed network would be the Annual Taxi Show which showcases the Taxi booking systems. These applications require highly advanced network resources to run in real-time, feeding live updates to booking systems, which are then circulated out.

The current UK Wi-Fi industry standard lies at 802.11N, and the Arena MK is proud to provide cutting edge technology to event organisers; soon to become one of the best connected and technologically advanced venues for conferencing and events in the country.

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